AOV Improvement

By implementing targeted strategies and refining user experience, AOV (Average Order Value) has seen a notable surge, driving increased revenue streams and customer satisfaction. Through dynamic pricing adjustments and personalized recommendations, customers are enticed to explore complementary products, elevating their shopping journey and enhancing overall value perception.

Our Process


They say an idiot with a plan can beat a genius without a plan. But what if we can do both? Team up with Slash Cart & get paired with your new team that specializes in all things Commerce, and create a plan of action for world domination.


Steve Jobs said design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.  Partner with Slash Cart to build an intuitive user experience designed to improve conversion rates & average order values.


Your online store is the heart of your business - don't let bad development slow you down . Let our Shopify experts take the reins on development so you can focus on your customer experience, not your back end. 🍑


We have created a deployment process to launch everything from complex feature upgrades to brand new site builds  via Github for perfect version control. No more, “oops! that update broke something on the live site!”

A/B Testing

Take the guess work out of everything! A/B Testing is the cheat code to success . Let us help you make decisions backed by data, showing you what changes actually work and what doesn't.

Build a New Shopify store

Try before you buy Shopify design & development. We will create a fully functional custom front page concept design of your new Shopify website, and we won't charge you a single cent.